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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

For SC Perfect Journey SRL, the protection of personal data that you have made available to us is very important.

As you know, on May 25, 2018, the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulation”) becomes directly applicable in Romania as well ).

The main purpose of the Regulation is to increase the level of protection of personal data (of natural persons) and to create a climate of trust, which allows each (natural) person to have and exercise effective, direct and prompt control over the processing of their own personal data .

Thus, we consider it an appropriate moment to inform you about how we protect your personal data, respectively, about how we adopt, apply and respect the provisions of the Regulation, in this regard.

Therefore, we are sending you the present



Personal data processed
The personal data we process are, mainly, the identification data of natural person clients, demographic, location data or any (other) personal data that we collect directly from clients or from other (controllable or verifiable) sources, then when you become our customer or when you use our services.

The purposes for which we process personal data
We process personal data, only for legitimate purposes, such as that of providing you with personalized tourist services (for example, transport, accommodation and meal services, medical insurance, other related services), among which are those of receive from us Last Minute offers and tourist promotions, to allow you to be up-to-date, all the time, with news and new tourist destinations, respectively, to discover new and exciting destinations and to offer you recommendations and tips for places in to spend your vacation or free time.

On the other hand, we also process your personal data, and to offer you, upon request, assistance regarding the conclusion of a travel insurance (if applicable), to identify you through the means of communication or in the offices of SC agencies Perfect Journey SRL, for marketing purposes, to improve and develop the products and services we offer you and, not as a last resort, to prevent and combat fraud or money laundering activities, etc.

The processing of your personal data is always based, either on the execution of contracts concluded by our clients (individuals), with SC Perfect Journey SRL, or on the need to comply with an imperative legal obligation, or on our legitimate interest or a major public interest ( such as national defense, public order or national security), or, as the case may be, with your consent, if you have expressed your express option in this regard.

Administration of agreements expressed by clients. The possibility of changing the options
In order to be able to offer you personalized services and as close as possible to your interests, we process, as a rule, personal data that allow the identification of your preferences and/or behavior, including through automatic processes that do not require human intervention. For this type of processing, including direct marketing communications, we will always take your choices into account.

In order to ensure a simple, direct and easy access, please keep in mind that you have the possibility to check and modify at any time the agreements you have expressed, until now, in the relationship with us, either by accessing the website at, either by sending a request to the address:, or by requesting this, in writing, directly, at the offices of any of our agencies, by completing, signing and submission of a special form dedicated to verifying the situation – up to date – of the agreements expressed by you, regarding a specific issue(s).

Recipients of our communications. Data transfer to operators and recipients, from Romania and abroad
In order to provide the most competitive services to our customers, to execute the transactions that you initiate, to fulfill our legal obligations or for other legitimate purposes, we inform you that it is possible to transmit your personal data, as the case may be , to public authorities, judicial bodies, external consultants, insurance companies, tour operator contractual partners, other tourism companies, other entities from the SC Perfect Journey SRL Group, authorized representatives to whom we have outsourced the provision of certain services and other categories of recipients, from Romania or from outside it, or from the Euro Union/European Economic Area or outside them.

However, at the time and on the occasion of the transmission/transfer of your personal data, we ensure, always and permanently, that we establish adequate guarantees for the protection of your personal data by the respective recipients listed above (for example, by establishing and the agreement of standard contractual clauses, the implementation and existence of mandatory corporate rules – corporate binding rules, etc.).

Secure processing of personal data
We inform you that your personal data will be processed by the company, respecting all the rights of the persons concerned, as well as by applying immediate, complete and adequate technical and organizational measures to protect them against illegal or unauthorized access.

Such measures may consist, but not be limited to, limiting access (of third parties) to the personal data processed, encryption or anonymization of the data, storage and/or archiving thereof, in secure environments, etc.

For more information on the measures that the subscriber applies, to protect your personal data, please consult the “Policy on the Processing of Personal Data”, which will be available starting on May 25, 2018, by accessing the Section on the Processing of Personal Data, from the company website

Starting with the date of May 25, 2018, the provisions of this Information, which are supplemented with the provisions of the “Policy on the Processing of Personal Data” (which will be available starting on the date of May 25, 2018, by accessing the Section on the Processing of Personal Data, on the website of the company, removes and abrogates the contractual clauses regarding the processing of personal data, as they are included in the contracts, commitments, agreements and conventions (including any other bilateral contractual documents, regardless of their name), signed between the company and the clients.

Period of processing (and storage) of personal data
Your personal data are processed throughout our contractual relationship and, after its completion, at least for the period required by the applicable legal provisions in the field, including, but not limited to, the legal provisions regarding archiving.

Clients’ rights and ways to exercise them
In addition to your existing rights (which you already enjoy based on the Romanian Constitution and the subsequent legislation), I inform you that, from the date of application of the Regulation, you benefit from additional specific rights, regarding the protection of personal data, such as these listed below:

1) The right to information – you can request information regarding our activities of processing your personal data
This right includes the following:

(a) the right of access to the processed data;
(b) the right to be informed about:
(i) the purposes of the processing,
(ii) categories of personal data processed,
(iii) the natural persons concerned,
(iv) recipients or categories of recipients,
(v) expected or fixed storage period,
(vi) the source of this data, as well as, where applicable,
(vii) the existence of an automatic processing and decision-making process;
2) The right to rectification of data – you can rectify or modify inaccurate personal data or complete them;
3) The right to delete data (“the right to be forgotten”) – you can request and obtain the deletion of data, if their processing by us was not legal or in other cases provided by law;
4) The right to restrict processing – you can ask us to restrict processing, if you dispute the accuracy of the data, as well as in other cases provided by law;
5) The right to object (to data processing) – you can object, in particular, to data processing based on our legitimate interest;
6) The right to data portability – you can receive, under certain conditions, the personal data you have provided us, in a format that can be read, automatically, or you can ask us to transmit the said data to a other operator;
7) The right to file a complaint – you can file a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data, regarding our way of processing your personal data;
8) The right to withdraw consent – in cases where our processing is based on your consent, you can withdraw it at any time. The withdrawal of consent will have effects, only for the future, the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal still remaining valid;
We specify that in the case of exercising the right to withdraw consent (if our processing is based on your consent), we will immediately operate your option (to withdraw consent) in our systems, but, for technical and operational, the withdrawal of consent will produce its effects, within a maximum of […] days from the date of receipt of your withdrawal request.

9) Additional rights related to automatic decisions: you can request and obtain human intervention from us, regarding the respective processing, you can express your own point of view regarding this and you can challenge our decision.
You can exercise, very easily and easily, any of these rights (individually or cumulatively, from case to case), by simply sending a request to our headquarters in Bd. Decebal, no. 14, Bucharest, Romania, at no. by fax 021 569 89 30 or by e-mail, at the address:, or by phone at the number: 021 569 89 30.

In addition, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer whom you can contact by e-mail, at the address:, or by phone at the number: 021 569 89 30, if you have any concerns, questions or requests, regarding to any aspect related to the protection of personal data.

Last but not least, we inform you that you will be able to find complete and permanently updated information regarding the processing of personal data, starting from May 25, 2018, also on our website, at the address, as well as at the headquarters of any between our agencies.

You can also call us at any time and ask for more details, using any of the contact details mentioned above.

Our community is constantly growing, and personalized, individual, business or luxury tourist packages are what differentiates us from our commercial partners, on the relevant market, so we have already proceeded to review, modify and complete the Terms and the confidentiality policy, including, through the adoption and implementation, starting on May 25, 2018, of a new document (part of our binding corporate rules – in English, “corporate binding rules”) entitled “Personal Data Processing Policy”.

In this way, we ensure that all our internal documents, policies and procedures (including those listed in the previous paragraph) – which are part of our binding corporate rules – in English, “corporate binding rules” – respect, all in all, the provisions of the Regulation, giving you, in this way, the real and effective possibility to be permanently informed, up-to-date and in an adequate way and to be able to choose the perfect vacation.


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