Did you buy the plane ticket? Did you make a reservation at the hotel?

You might think you’re ready to go. But, wait a minute… There are many more activities that you can plan and a series of services that you can add to your trip, even if you are only leaving for a few days.

Activities and services you may need:


When you have a lot of luggage and the hotel is far away, you don’t want to get lost unnecessarily or risk missing the plane on the way back.

Make sure before you leave that someone will help you get there safe and sound. From tickets for regular flights and train tickets, to private transfers with luxury limousines or even transfers by helicopter or seaplane… anything is possible.

Renting a car abroad

Do you need a Smart to squeeze through the narrowest streets of Tuscany, a Porsche to run on the freeways without the speed limit in Germany or an SUV to explore Tasmania? Perfect Journey consultants can offer you exactly what you need, at advantageous prices. Our rates include: unlimited kilometers, full coverage insurance – accident insurance, theft insurance, civil liability insurance without personal participation – local taxes, additional driver fee… You have no reason not to benefit from such facilities.

Entrance tickets to events and discount cards

You can take a special trip to attend a concert or it can be a bonus for an already planned vacation. Anyway, ask us what events are taking place during the respective period, in the destination you are visiting, and we will provide you with the necessary information and take care of all the details. Tickets to concerts or the opera, to sporting events or festivals… if you want to challenge us on your own, you can even request a reservation at a luxury restaurant!

Don’t forget the discount cards offered in the big cities of the world, which offer free public transport or museum entrances.

Optional excursions

It’s nice to let yourself be stolen by the landscape, to wander aimlessly on the streets and to be pleasantly surprised by what you discover by chance.

At the same time, it is terribly unpleasant to return home and discover that you have missed a great attraction that you wanted to visit.

Before departure, ask the Perfect Journey consultant about the optional excursions that you can purchase at the destination: perhaps an evening cruise on the city’s canals, perhaps a bicycle tour through the city and surroundings or a city tour with a specialized guide.

It’s true, these options depend on the destination you arrive at, but we have enough ideas to invent something special for you.

Travel insurance, a useful option

We wish you a pleasant and uneventful trip, but it is our duty to take care of your safety. That’s why we recommend you take out Turist PLUS Premium or Xtreme Adventure travel insurance. These cover the situations of illness or accident, loss or damage of luggage/documents, the risk of trip cancellation / delay of the means of transport, bankruptcy or insolvency of the airline. As for adrenaline lovers… it’s as if you sign the form “on your own responsibility” more easily when you know that you have in your pocket an insurance specifically intended for extreme sports.

The service of obtaining visas, provided by Perfect Journey

Obtaining a visa can be complicated and cost you a lot of time. We are happy to announce that Perfect Journey can offer visa services for Romanian citizens and foreign citizens residing in Romania. We know how the system works and we make it work for you. Our service can deliver the passport directly to the airport or to any requested address.


You can ask us anything you like:

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